Previous Interns

Anacleto Gaspar Henda Domingos

Course: Masters in Commercial Law

Intern Year: 2015 until present

Jilson Pascoal Julio Francisco

Course: Degree in Financial Management

Intern Year: 08/2015 until 11/2015

Tânia Sebastião

Course: Degree in Economics and Management

Intern Year: 08/2015 until Present

Leidy Cussomba

Course: Degree in International Relations

Intern Year: 01/2015 to 09/2015

Dercio Cristovao

Course: Degree in Management

Intern Year: 06/2015 to 08/2015

Esperança Borges

Course: Degree in Entrepreneurship
Intern Year: 06/2014 to 08/2014

Marcia Gomes

Course: Degree Public Relations
Intern Year: 04/2014 to 06/2014

Leandro da costa Graça

Course: Degree in Project Management

Intern Year: 04/2014 until 06/2014