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We are an international business specialising in imports and exports, procurement and real estate management.

Our services are also tailored for visa applications, medical tourism, translations including car hire and personalised tours for our international clientele.

Celebrating 11 years of Excellence.

Est 2012.

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Who We Are

LELLO International with offices both in Angola and South Africa, is a business management consulting company focused on events and promotion management in Angola as well as in South Africa. We offer business training courses, English and Portuguese language courses, trade missions, conferences and exhibitions.

We are one of the most qualified and experienced industry leaders in digital marketing, selling, customer services and procurement. We offer investment support of local and global companies.

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Consulting Services to Angola

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Real Estate management

Visa Applications

Medical Tourism

Translation Services

Car Rental Services

Event management

Personalised Tours

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Current and Upcoming Projects

We are proud billing partners of one of Africa’s leading producers of oil and a burgeoning market for hydrocarbon exploration and renewable energy.

We are one of Cape Town’s best English Language Schools, we offer a range of English Language Courses for students & academics from all over the world.

Our Portuguese language lessons are now tailored to fit your schedule. Learn your jargon in Portuguese and facilitate better communication.

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Our diverse service portfolio combined with our experience can help grow your business to new heights.

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We value our clients and as such have a high rate of student and customer retention.

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Bridging the gap between cultures and nations has helped us improve our people skills and business skills.

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